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ABTA Master Point Press Teacher of the Year award 2017

This year’s American Bridge Teachers’ Association Convention is happening right now in Toronto, Ontario,  my home town. Over 100 teachers (I think the actual number is 107) are here, the largest turnout in a few years! It was a very hot day yesterday, not usual for us, but today has brought cooler weather, thank goodness!

I had the pleasure this morning of attending the presentation of the 2017 ABTA Teacher of the Year award, sponsored by Master Point Press. Here’s my photo gallery of the events as they unfolded.


Joyce Penn introduced each of the nine finalists for this year’s award: 

Robert Barrington, New York, NY
Joann Glasson, Pennington, NJ
Bruce Greenspan, Bonita Springs, FL
Josee Hammill, Toronto, Canada
Henry Meguid, Durham, NC
Jim Ricker, Knoxville, TN
Kathy Rolfe, Lake Winnebago, MO
Enid Roitman, Toronto, Canada
Grant Robinson, Dublin, CA

Each nominee had provided a short video clip, so we got to see their teaching in action! Then… the big announcement. This year’s winner is Enid Roitman from Toronto! We’re so happy to see a Canadian teacher recognized this year, and one from Toronto at that!

Enid Roitman wins the 2017 ABTA Master Point Press Teacher of the Year Award!

Enid was overjoyed and happily thanked her fellow nominees, the committee and sponsors, particularly Barbara Seagram, Josee Hammill and other local Toronto bridge teachers.

Congratulations to Enid and all this year’s nominees.

Now I’m off to the Awards Banquet, so more to come from Toronto later.


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