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WMSG Contest Final Results

The results are in!

Congratulations to Paul Gipson who wins the contest with 37 points overall, making huge strides by gaining 10 points in the final round, picking two of three finalists correctly – Italy in first and Norway in third. Just goes to show that final Jeopardy can change everything.

In second place with 35 points is Michael Yuen, who correctly placed Italy in first place. Many of you did the same, but were less successful in previous rounds.

In a close third place with 34 points is Malcolm Ewashkiw, who was not as successful in the final round but did place Norway in third.

Not one of the entries guessed England would make it through to the final three. So congratulations to England, I suppose!

Thanks for playing everyone, and Paul I will email you to arrange delivery of your prize.

For the official final results, please click here.

The points:

1pt/correct team for the qualifying round

2pts/correct team for the quarter finals

3pts/correct team for the semi finals

4pts for choosing the 3rd place correctly

5pts for choosing 2nd place

and 6pts for chosing 1st place

The Prize:

Copy of The Lone Wolff.

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