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Hello? Is there anybody out there?

Greetings, blogosphere! 

It’s been FIVE years since my last post. Can you believe that? Well, I suppose I can. Blogging is something that has been pushed (by me) to the wayside in the day-to-day business (busy-ness?) of my job here at Master Point Press. My once frequent (or at least tri-annual) “new books” posts have been replaced by writing copy for newsletters sent directly to the inboxes of those we wish to reach with news about our new releases. I’ll try to keep the updates coming on that front here as well, since I’m still writing that stuff. 

We’ve seen the release of so many great titles in the past five years here at MPP, from new editions of bridge classics, to exciting new ideas and stories from both existing and first-time authors. So I’m jumping back into this. Look to my blogs for information about our books, for news from Master Point Press, and for publishing-related discussions in general (if anyone would like to start a conversation about that I’d gladly jump in!). I’ve also tried to become more diligent about visiting my local bridge club with my neighbour once a week (most weeks) and making time to play online with my Mum (who is a bridge teacher) as well. I’m a Junior Master now! Yay me! I have a long way to go, and find it hard to fit in even a weekly game some weeks, but will keep up the momentum as best I can. I can see now why the clubs and tournaments are full of people primarily in their retirement years. I can’t wait to retire and play more bridge! But… I have many years to go… For now, I’ll just say I feel so lucky to be able to read about and think about bridge almost every day as part of my day job.

I’ll also be blogging my experiences on a work-related trip, which is very exciting and coming up next week. Stay tuned to my next blog for more details!

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